Adeel Raja Biography: 

Adeel Raja is a freelance Journalist. He was a CNN contributor from Islamabad and spent a few years of his life working for CNN. But Recently, CNN disassociated this young and hardworking journalist just because of his tweet. Adeel Tweeted about the Israel-Palestine Conflict and wrote, “The World today needs a Hitler.” This tweet met a lot of criticism from different parts of the world. This outrage forced him to delete his tweet just after 3 hours. 

Like every person, Adeel Raja has his views on the Palestine and Israel conflict, and it’s not very wise to judge a brilliant journalist over a tweet. But the sad reality is we live in a world of “injustice.” 

I have gathered some interesting information regarding Adeel Raja Biography, his family, personal life, and net worth in this article below. So let’s have a look at it. 

Who is Adeel Raja? 

Adeel Raja is a Pakistani Freelance Journalist who contributed a few of his articles to CNN. Adeel Raja was a very young and enthusiastic journalist who started his career at a very young age. He is in his 30’s now. According to his Linked In profile, Adeel has been associated with CNN since 2013. But all his hard work went down the drain just because of a single tweet. 

Adeel tweeted on Sunday, September 16, 2021, “The world Today needs a Hitler.” This tweet began a long debate and criticism on Twitter. People started going crazy, and as a result, CNN announced that Adeel is no longer part of our news Channel. 

Adeel, later on, deleted his tweet as people started thrashing him. He faced a lot of hate and threats after a single tweet. However, he was not ashamed of his views regarding the Palestine Conspiracy. Instead, he tweeted, “Gald A single Tweet contributed to Palestine Cause and brought it to limelight with me losing my job, and west claiming the freedom of expression and human rights.” 

The CNN spokesperson told the media that he and his news agency never knew that they were associated with a man who had a lot of hatred for Jews. Then, he announced that Adeel Raja is no longer part of CNN. He clearly stated that Adeel couldn’t be part of CNN anymore, and he lost credibility, so it’s tough for him to find a job somewhere else. 

Adeel has been a part of CNN since the beginning of his career, and it is sad to know that he lost his job just because of a tweet. 

Adeel Raja Personal Life: 

There is not very much information related to Adeel Raja Personal life. But all I have gathered is that he belongs to a Muslim family. He is a Pakistani national and married to a woman named Saleema khan. Adeel Raja was born in Karachi on June 1, 1982. His father’s name is Salim Khan, whereas his mother’s name is Nazma khan. Currently, Adeel is living in Islamabad. 

Adeel Raja Education: 

There is not much information related to Adeel’s early education. But it seems Adeel got a good education from the Reputable institutions in Pakistan. He was enrolled in Baqai University Karachi in 1999 and graduated as a Computer scientist in 2003. After that, He got admission to Bahria University Islamabad and completed his MBA in HR. 

Adeel Raja Career: 

Adeel Raja is a hardworking, enthusiastic, and multi-talented person from Pakistan. He started his career as a journalist in 2013 and was working as a Freelance writer for CNN. Adeel worked for CNN for seven years and wrote around 54 articles ( approximately). Along with freelance journalism, Adeel joined Dunya News as a Head of Planning and Executive Producer (for Program Kyun). 

In April 2013, He joined Aaj News as Producer and Planning Head for current news and affairs. 

Since Oct 2014, Adeel has been working as an Executive Producer For Ary news. 

What is Adeel Raja’s Age? 

Though there is no information related to Adeels birthdate and Age, according to his social media accounts, Adeel was born on July 1, 1982. So his estimated Age is above 35 years. 

Adeel Presence on Social Media. 

Adeel Raja is a highly active person on different social platforms. He updates his social profiles daily and posts tons of things. Adeel is most active on Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram. On Twitter, he has 94.9 K followers and 55.3K tweets. Here is a link to Adeel’s Official Twitter account:

Is Adeel Raja Single? 

No, Adeel Raja is not single, he is married, and his wife’s name is Saleem khan. 


Here are the exciting details related to Adeel Raja’s CNN life. Did you find this information helpful? Do you know something more interesting about him? If yes, then please share it with us too. 


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