Charli D'Amelio Net worth 2022

Charli D is one of the famous dancers and TikTok stars. She started her TikTok career in 2019, and she never looked back after it. She is one of the most followed Tiktoker in the world. Her fan following is insane, and she is among the youngest millionaires globally. At the age of just 17 years, Charlie D’Amelio became a self-made billionaire. Charlie D’Amelio Net worth is $20 million.

She has 141M followers on Tik Tok, and she was the first person to cross 1 million Tik Tok followers. It’s just 3 years of her career, and she is already among the most followed and popular social media sensations. 

Her dedication and hard work are remarkable, and she will be the next big thing. With around 20 million dollars, we expect Amelio’s net worth to grow bigger as she expands her career. 

Below are some details related to Charli D’Amelio’s Net worth, salary, and personal and professional life. So let’s have a look.

Charli D’Amelio Net Worth 2022 | Biography, Career

Charlie D’ Amelio Wiki/Bio/Charlie D’ Amelio Net Worth
Name Charlie D Amelio
Date of Birth 1 May 2004
Nationality American
Net Worth $20 million
Profession Tiktok star, dancer, social media sensation
Age 18 years
Tiktok followers 1.3 millions
Youtube Subs 9.58M
Instagram Followers 48.5m Followers

Charlie D Amelio Early Life: 

Charlie was born on 1 May 2004 in Norwalk. Her parents are Heidi and Marc D’ Amelio. Her mother was a model, whereas her father was a former Republican Senate candidate for Connecticut State. Charlie also has a beloved sister Dixie D’ Amelio. 

She got her early education from the eKing School. But after a few years, she dropped out, and her parents decided to homeschool her. Charlie was a born dancer. She was just 3 years old when she started dancing with her sister. Her parents smelled her love for dance, and hence she got enrolled in dancing school. For more than 10 years, Charlie was trained as a Competitive dancer.  

She was hardworking and passionate. That’s why people love her for her dancing skills.

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Charlie D Amelio Career: 

Charlie started her TikTok career in 2019, and she never looked back. In Oct 2019, her video got viral in which she was doing a viral “Renegade” TikTok dance. This video got so many views, and her followers increased instantly. Later on, She joined The Hype House, a Los Angeles-based collective of TikTok personalities, along with her sister Dixie. Charlie has 1.3 million followers on Tiktok and around 45 million followers on Instagram. In addition to that, her Youtube channel has 9.6 million subscribers. She was the first TikTok who cross 1 million subscribers. 

Not only this, but Charlie is also earning from different endorsements, advertisements, and sponsored posts on her Instagram account. 

Charlie is a book author, too; she wrote “Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping It Real,” She shared all her experiences and lessons learned from Stardom. 

In December 2019, she made her entrance into film and Tv too. She was featured in the animated children’s movies named StarDog and TurboCat. Also, she launched The D’Amelio Show along with her family on Hulu in 2021.

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Charlie D’Amelio’s Net Worth: 

Charlie is earning a lot from her TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram accounts. She has a total worth of $20 million, and it is increasing with every passing day. In addition, Charlie Charges a lot for advertisements and endorsements. She charges around $100,000 for a single sponsored post, and this amount is increasing with rapidly growing followers. In addition to that, she earned $1 million for a 2020 Super Bowl ad. 

Charlie earned $17-18 million in 2021. She enjoys a super luxurious lifestyle and owns several houses and luxury cars.

Charlie D Amelio Personal Life: 

Charlie D Amelio is suffering from an eating disorder. She has been very open about her diseases. According to her, she faces a lot of body shaming because of her weight. In 2020, she joined hands with Unicef for anti-bullying campaigns. 

Charlie is a Philanthropist, too. She actively takes part in donations and loves to help the poor. 

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