DJ Citizen Jane Biography

DJ Citizen Jane biography: 

DJ Citizen Jane is the most popular DJ in the music world. She is an American-based girl DJ who has been a part of the largest music gatherings in the world. She started her music career as a musician and lead singer of an all-girl band. Jane Got popular with the name DJ Citizen, and she is a songwriter with an incredible music sense in Rock, pop, and other mixed styles. 

In the article below, I am going to talk about DJ Citizen Jane Biography, early age, Relationship status, and Net worth. So let’s have a look at it. 

DJ Citizen bio: 

DJ Citizen is one of the hottest DJs in the world right now. She opened her eyes in Miami on Oct 22, 1974. She is an American National, and her Music has the power to bring people together. Her real name is Madeline Fernandez, and currently, she is 47 years old. Citizen Jane is not her real name; she got this name from a very close friend and decided to keep it as a public name. She is on different social media platforms with this name. 

Since she was born, Jane has been a Music freak; Music ran in her blood. So she was just two years of age when she started responding to radio Tunes and Music. 

Jane is a very secretive person regarding her personal life; there is no information related to her parents, childhood, and siblings. All we know is she got her degree in Psychology from Florida International University. 

DJ Citizen Jane Career: 

After completing her studies, Jane joined the police. She served the Police department for ten long years, but her passion for Music forced her to quit her job. Instead, she started a job at a nightclub, and soon after, agents began booking her for personal music events. She composed and wrote many songs in her music career, and she is one of the most popular singers across the globe. 

One of the reasons Jane’s Music got a lot of popularity is “Unity.” So yes, it feels like her Music has the power to reunite people. 

Jane won several Music awards too. 

DJ Citizen Relationship Status: 

Citizen Jane is a Lesbian, she has no interest in Men, and she feels no shame in accepting this fact. Jane has seen tons of times with her female partners, and she feels proud of it. She thanked her family and friends for accepting her the way she is. 

There is no exact information related to Jane’s partner, but we will update this section as soon as we get something related to his partner’s name or profession. 

DJ Citizen Appearance: 

Citizen Jane is one of the hottest and most famous DJs globally. There is nothing wrong in saying that she is the most demanded music girl. Jane is beautiful and charming. Her height is 5’4, and she weighs 75 kg. Her height and weight both compliments each other. Jane has a white complexion with Black hair. She looks super gorgeous even without a touch of Makeup. She had beautiful black eyes, and her Shoe size was 7 US. 

She belongs to mixed Ethnicity, and her Zodiac sign is Libra. 

DJ Citizen Jane Social Media Accounts: 

Jane is very active on different social media platforms, including Instagram. She currently has 195K followers on Instagram with 2701 posts. So what are you waiting for? 

 if you are a Jane fan too? Go and follow her on social media accounts. 

DJ Citizen Jane’s Net worth: 

DJ Citizen started her career as a police detective, but she got bored after ten years. And then, she pursued her career as a musician, and now she is one of the most popular DJs. She has earned her money through her music career. Jane is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, and her net worth is around $700,000, which is enough to enjoy a dream lifestyle. 

Some other exciting facts About DJ Citizen Jane

  • Jane won several Awards, including the Pink Flamingo Award for Best DJ. 
  • Though Jane was born in Miami, she spent most of her Childhood in Hialeah. 
  • She belongs to Cuban Parents, that’s why she has a mixed Ethnicity. 
  • Her parents were also Music lovers, and they helped Jane pursue her music career. 
  • After following all the government rules, Jane Changed her official name. 
  • In July 2019, Jane released her first song, “Rescue Me.” Her song gained popularity and has taken a special place on iTunes Music and Spotify.
  • In addition to that, she became the best Dj for three years in 2014,2015 & 2017. 

Here are all the exciting details about DJ Citizen Jane. Did you find this information helpful? 


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