Father James Altman Biography

Father James Altman biography: 

Father James is a Catholic Priest serving in the Roman Catholic Church in Las Crosse. Fr. James came into the limelight after his controversial statements regarding Covid 19 Vaccine. James had a lot of reservations regarding this vaccine and took no time in informing it to the general public. Due to his Controversial statements regarding vaccination, Fr. James was ordered to step down as a priest. Not only this, but he had his issues with mask rules and social distancing. 

Though some people supported him for his opinions, he faced criticism. In 2020, Bishop William Callahan asked him to step down. 

In this article, I am going to shed some light on Father James Altman biography, his wife, personal life, and net worth. So let’s have a look at them. 

Father James bio: 

James’ birth date is not known, there is no exact information regarding his birthdate and place, but according to some Authentic news, he was born in 1980, So he is around 40- 45 years. He was born in America and belonged to the white Ethnicity. He follows Christianity and always speaks the truth. There is no information related to James’ parents, siblings, and other relatives. 

Father James Career: 

Jame is the Priest of Wisconsin Church, and he is also a Father of Les Roman Catholic Church in La Crosse. Jame was one of the very influential Priests, and he had a super convincing power with tons of followers. James’ career was smooth until he gave his remarks about Covid 19 vaccination. In addition to that, his video got viral on youtube and other social media platforms in which he said, “Catholics Can’t be Democrats.” 

After his Resignation, Altman posted a video expressing his views against Bishop William Callahan’s decisions. Also, he mentioned that the actions were “divisive and ineffective.” After this youtube video went Viral, many fans came forward for his support.

After these two controversies, James was asked to step down, and he had many life threats. Moreover, He claimed that “They want my Head For speaking the truth.” 

Father James Personal Life: 

We did not find any information related to Father James’ personal life. As Father doesn’t get married, we are unsure about Jame’s marriage. So there is no news regarding his marriage and kids. But as soon as we get any leaks about his personal life, we will keep you guys updated. 

Father James Appearance: 

Father James is a White American Christian with a good height and an attractive body. His facial features are so manly. 

He has a white complexion with light blonde hair. He is around 5 feet 8 inches tall, and he weighs 75 kg. Father James’ height and weight compliments each other. He is a handsome man even in his 40s. But as Fathers don’t get married, there are chances that he is single and has no kids. 

Father James Social Media Support: 

Father James is active on different social Media Platforms like Youtube and Instagram. His social media videos went viral where he said, “Catholics can’t be Democrats.” After this video, many people came out for his support. There was a huge social media debate in which people supported and criticized Altman. There are still tons of videos, interviews, and responses about his viral video on social platforms like youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

In addition to that, Altman also has a Facebook page named “Friends of Father James Altman” in His support. This page has 1.9k followers. 

According to some News, Father James is also doing some fundRaising campaigns through Social media. He raised around USD 10,000, and he will use this money for a legal battle. On the other hand, Bishop Callahan appealed to the public to Respect their Privacy and leave them alone. 

James Altman Net Worth: 

James Altman earned his money through his Priest career. There is no news regarding his earnings through some other means. But recently, there has been a rumor about James raising money through social media. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The average salary for clergy members including priests is $53,290 per year,” which means they earn an excellent Amount and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

The estimated Net worth of James Altman is around $500,000. 


Father James Altman lived a peaceful life until 2020, when covid broke down, disturbing words peace upside down. So many people suffered because of it, but James suffered only because of his Statement against the Covid vaccine. 

Here are the essential details related to James’ life. Did you find this information helpful? Or do you have some more exciting details regarding Father James? If yes, then feel free to share it with us in the comment section below. 


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