Father Joe Carroll biography

Father Joe Carroll Biography

Joe Carroll, fondly known as “Hustler Priest,” is an American Catholic Priest. He is famous for his non-profit organizations and services for homeless people. You must have heard about Joe Carroll somewhere if you are interested in social welfare work. He lives in the hearts of millions of people around the world. In the article below, I am going to shed light on Father Joe Carroll biography, personal life, and social welfare services. So let’s have a look at them: 

Father Joe Carroll bio: 

Joe Carroll first opened his eyes on April 12, 1941, and spent the early years of his life in the Bronx. Joe opened his eyes to a big fat family, and he had seven other siblings too. As a child, Carroll lived across from St.Joseph Church. 

His father was a hard-working laborer, and his mother used to clean offices. He knew that his parents didn’t earn too much, and he must do something to support them. 

 Carroll didn’t have a perfect childhood. He started his first job at a butcher shop when he was only eight. After that, he worked as a Christmas tree seller and did laundry and many other small jobs to support his parents and siblings. Moreover, he also worked as a boy scout and got promoted to the rank of life scout. Joe’s life was full of ups and downs. 

 In his 20s, he decided to move to California. He got admission to St. John Seminary in Ventura County, but after some time, he got expelled. 

 Afterward, Joe completed his studies at the University of San Diego in 1974, and he decided to pursue Priesthood. 

Father Joe’s Efforts to address Homeless People: 

In 1982, Father Joe started a revolutionary movement in which he decided to help homeless and poor people. Bishop Leo Maher was looking for a new Director to take over St. Vincent de Paul Center Responsibilities. He asked his board which was the best hustler and everyone pointed towards Father Joe. 

Joe started the revolution for the homeless by just listening to people’s problems and how poverty is affecting their lives. He heard that men, women, and children are striving for the basic needs of life. They are looking for shelter and food. 

In 1987, just after the seven years of taking the helm responsibilities, he decided to expand his ministry. He announced the opening of a $12 million facility center known as the Joan Kroc Center. This facility center was no less than a heaven for homeless people. He provided them with shelter, food, medical facilities, clothes, and every other important thing for survival. Without any doubt, Joe had a heart of gold. He never wanted children to spend their childhood as he did. That’s the Reason Joe dedicated 40 years of his life to helping poor and needy people. 

Father Joe Retirement: 

Father Joe announced his retirement in 2011, he became old and tired, but his heart was still packed with the emotions of poor and needy people. San Diago is truly blessed to have such a compression and dedicated role model. 

Father Joe village campuses still have: 

  • Shelters for poor people. 
  • Affordable housing communities. 
  • A federally qualified health center with all the latest equipment. 
  • A dental clinic. 
  • A therapeutic child care center. 
  • A public lunch program. 
  • An employment and education center.

Father Joe lives in the heart of millions of people, and no one will ever forget his devotion to humans and their needs. 

Father Joe’s Personal Life:

Father Joe Carroll kept his personal life extremely personal. That’s why there is no information about his marriage and kids on any social media networks and websites. 

What Happened to Father Joe? 

Joe had Diabetes, and though he was beating this disease for the past few years, at the age of 80, Father Joe lost his battle with Diabetes. He died on July 11, 2021. He was admitted to a hospice care home in the East Village. Though Joe died, his work will always stay alive in people’s hearts. 

The people of San Diego will not forget his dedication to humanity. 

Father Joe’s Net worth

Father Joe’s Net worth: 

Geo dedicated his life to poor and needy people. He raised millions of money for humanity, but he never wanted a luxurious lifestyle for himself. Though he was an emeritus president of emeritus, he had a very simple lifestyle. 

There is no information related to Joe Network on the internet. 


People who devote their lives to humanity never die; they remain alive in the hearts and prayers of People. The same happened to Catholic Priest Joe Carroll, and millions of people still love him. 

Did you find this information related to Joe Carroll helpful? If you know something even interesting about his life, please share it with us in the comment section below. 


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