Fauna Hodel Biography

Fauna Hodel Biography: 

Fauna Hodel was born in August 1951. She is the only daughter of Tamar Hodel. Fauna is a famous American motivational speaker and writer. She wrote many famous stories, including: 

  • True-crime memoir. 
  • One Day She’ll Darken The Mysterious Beginnings of Fauna Hodel. 

In these stories, she shed light on her early childhood stages and her relationship with her father/grandfather, George Hodel. Fauna was given away for adoption as soon as she was born, as her mother Tamar wanted to escape the dark Life she was living. 

Fauna’s Life had many ups and downs, and she was raised as a daughter of a black American. In this article, I will shed some light on Fauna Hodel biogeography early Life, education, and other aspects of Life. So let’s have a look at them. 

Fauna Hodel Early Life: 

Fauna was born in august 1951 in California, USA. She belongs to the Elite White American family. But she was given away for adoption to black women. The Fauna’s mother, Tamar, went through a trauma when Fauna was born. Tamar was trying to run away from her dark past. She was looking at the new ways to start a new life in some other city in America. All her Life, Fauna believed that she was of mixed race. She was brought up in an African-American family. But at the age of 23, she came to know the Reality. And met her birth mother, Tamar Hodel, in 1965. 

Fauna Hodel Career: 

At a very early age, Fauna was interested in writing, and she had a unique knowledge of Race, ethnicity, and all of the above, her family history forced her to write. She wrote her first film named Pretty Hattie’s Baby in 1991. This film was directed by a famous name Ivan Passer and starred Alfre Woodard. 

Hodel served as the film’s creative consultant and executive producer. Unfortunately, this film was not released on the expected date. 

In 2008, outskirt pressed published her book One Day she’ll darken, the mysterious beginning of Fauna Hodel. This book was republished in 2019 by Graymalkin media. It gained a lot of popularity by including eight pages of photos from the Hodel family. 

Hodel spent many years of her life as a motivational speaker, and she always talked about races, ethnicity, human rights, etc. Hodel had a powerful voice, and she used to convince people with her strong statements. In other words, it is right to say that Fauna Hodel was one of the best influencers for many girls who were adopted and neglected by their biological families. 

Fauna Hodel Personal life: 

Fauna Hodel was a very personal woman regarding her family and kids. That’s why there is not much information related to her family, husband, and children. All we know is Fauna was married, and she had two daughters named Yvette Gentile and Rasha Pecoraro. 

In 2019, it was announced that Fauna’s daughters are producing a podcast, “roots of Evil.” Which will further dig into the book or biopic adaptation. In Feb 2019. This podcast was released, and it was one of the most successful podcasts in history. It ran through for eight consecutive weeks and was ranked as the “number 1 podcast,” too. 

Who was Fauna Hodel’s Mother? 

Fauna Hodel is the daughter of the very Famous Tamar Hodel. Her mother had a miserable childhood, and she was just 11 years old when her birth father started sexually abusing her. Fauna’s mother had several rapes, pregnancies, and abortions. Fauna was the only daughter of Tamar, but Tamar gave her away for adoption to hide her darkest past. So when the Fauna came to know about her birth mother, She flew to Hawaii and met Tamar. 

Tamar answered all her questions and queries. Unfortunately, Tamar Hodel died in 2015 at the age of 80 years. 

Fauna Hodel’s Net worth: 

Fauna was a very successful writer and motivational speaker. She spent much of her life in writing, and she had a significant influence on the people of the United States. But there is no exact information related to her salary and net worth. It is only estimated that Fauna’s Net worth is around $1 -$5 million. 

What happened to Fauna Hodel? 

Fauna breathed her last on 30th September 2017, just two years before her daughter’s podcast. Fauna was a powerful lady; she broke a lot of stereotypes related to race and ethnicity. But unfortunately, she lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 66. 

Wrapping up!!

Here are all the details related to Fauna Hodel’s personal and professional Life. In short words, Fauna was a super brave lady; she broke so many Stereotypes primarily associated with Race and Ethnicity. 

Did you find this information helpful? Do you know something even more attractive related to Fauna Hodel’s Life? If yes, then feel free to share it with us in the comment section below. 


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