Frankie Lons Biography

Frankie Lons Biography: 

Frankie Lons, also known as “Frankie,” is the biological mother of Keyshia Cole, A famous American singer and songwriter, actress, and television producer. On July 18, 2021, Frankie died because of a birthday party drug overdose. She has been fighting a battle with drugs for the last few years. Keyshia and her brother Sam Cole claim that they kept a strict check on her mother and her drug usage. 

I have gathered some interesting information about Frankie Lons Biography, career, and net worth in the article below. So let’s have a look at them: 

Frankie Lons Early Life: 

On July 18, 1960, Frankie was born in Oakland, California, USA. She was an American National, but she belonged to mixed ethnicity. She was a black Christian American woman. Her zodiac sign is cancer. Frankie was a very secretive person, and she never talked about her childhood, house, parents, or siblings. Hence we didn’t manage to gather any information about her early life. All we know is she had only one sibling, her younger brother. 

Information related to her education and school is also missing. 

Frankie Lons Career: 

There is not much information related to Frankie Lon’s career. All we know is that she got famous as an actress in 2015. When she first appeared in one of her daughters’ TV shows. It was an unscripted show, and it introduced Frankie to the public for the first time. Before this, Frankie was only known as the mother of a Famous Singer and writer. 

Frankie did not have a long successful career, as she lived for only six years after the Television appearance. She died in 2021 due to a drug overdose, and it was a huge loss for her children. 

Frankie Lons Husband and Married Life: 

Frankie was a married woman, and she had a successful married life for many years. According to the authentic resources, her husband’s name was Virgil Hunter, but he was not the biological father of Keyshia Cole. Frankie Stated that Keyshia’s Father was an Italian man, and he passed away years ago. She also stated that her father had many other relationships when he was alive. 

When Keyshia was only two years old, she was adopted by Leon and Yvonne Cole. Keyshia adopted her surname after becoming a part of the Cole family. 

Sexually, Frankie Lons was a straight person. She owned her own house in Oakland. 

Frankie Lons Net worth: 

There are no details related to Frankie’s salary. But she gained popularity after being a part of the unscripted show “Frankie and Neffe.” 

Frankie enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle all her life, and her kids were earning enough to give their mother a good life. At the time of Frankie’s death, her net worth was estimated around 100K dollars. The primary source of her income was her acting career. Which was short, but she earned a reasonable amount. 

Frankie Lons Body Measurements and Features: 

Frankie Lon was a charming woman. She was pretty attractive and elegant even at the age of 60 years. Moreover, she had a glowing face with a beautiful smile on it. Also, She was always in a happy mood. Furthermore, Frankie was a good height woman, and her body weight always compliments her height. 

Her exact body measurements, dress size, and shoe size information is missing, but all we can say is that she was a wonderful woman with a gorgeous smile. 

What Happened to Frankie? 

Frankie was a drug addict, and she had been struggling with a drug life for the past few years. Her Children were taking care of her, but unfortunately, on her 61st birthday, she died because of a drug overdose. Cole’s sister announced this heart-wrenching news on Instagram. She Posted, “Most exceedingly terrible agony ever… To see my mom in a body sack on her birthday! My heart so fu*kin broke”. 

Some Least Known interesting Facts about Frankie: 

  • Frankie was also the author of a book. She wrote a book titled “The best years I never had.” 
  • In 2008, she also appeared in a celebrity Rehab with Dr.Drew.
  • Frankie Lons was very active on Social Media platforms, and she had 6238 followers and 48 posts before her death day. 
  • Frankie was also arrested a few days before her death, according to a rumor. She was arrested because of a probation breach after failing a random drug test. 
  • Frankie died at the age of 61 years. 


Here are some interesting details related to Frankie Lons and her lifestyle. Did you find this information helpful? If you have any other important and exciting things to share about Frankie, please share them with us in the comment section below. 


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