How to style Biker Shorts? Top 6 best ways to style Biker shorts this summer

Biker Shorts are also known as cycling shorts. They are skin-tight athletic clothing items made up of Spandex. The primary purpose of these shorts is to reduce friction while paddling and keep your legs sweat and rash free. Biker shorts come in different colors and patterns, but most people prefer them in dark colors like blue and black. 

Many of us believe that Biker shorts are for cycling, swimming and running only, but it’s a misconception. You can wear Biker shorts in different street styles too. 

Here in the article below, I am going to talk about the six best ways to style biker Shorts. So let’s have a look.

With the Graphic Tee Shirt: 

The first thing that pop-ups into our minds regarding summer clothing items are an oversized and comfortable Tee shirt. Tees are best for every season, but no other clothing item can beat the comfort in summers. So this season, take out your Graphic T-shirts and play around with them a little. 

Pair up a Graphic T-shirt with bike shorts and impress everyone with your style game. This super casual street style look is best for teenage girls and fashion freaks. This outfit is best for informal birthday parties, friend hangouts, picnics, shopping, etc. 

You are always welcome to add a popping color accessory to this outfit; try a bold coloured bag or a round hat to make this look even more attractive and stylish. 

A pair of Platform sneakers complement this look and give you ultimate comfort.

With a Blazer: 

A few years ago, while scrolling over social media, I came across the article where fashion icon Hailey Bieber was first seen wearing biker shorts with a blazer. Since then, this combination has been in fashion, giving a unique and stylish impression. You need to take your black biker shorts and pair them up with a blazer and a crop top. This outfit is best for casual parties, concerts, dinner dates, and a friend’s meet up. 

You can try on some accessories and high heels to complete this look. 

With a Sports Bra: 

This combination is best for all fitness lovers. A sports bra always compliments biker shorts, giving a perfect street style look. This outfit is so comfortable and trendy. The best thing is you don’t need to style it while gymming or swimming, you can carry it on various casual occasions like a walk with your dog, at friend picnics etc. 

Complete this look by wearing joggers or sneakers.

With Crop tops: 

Crop tops are another important summer outfit. N wardrobe is complete without having a few stylish crop tops. This season, you need to try something different, and that’s pairing up your favorite bold color crop top with Biker Shorts. 

Crop-top and Biker short is a perfect summer outfit, as it is unique, stylish and super comfortable; this outfit is best for beach parties and summer hangouts. In addition, you can play with this look and add unique accessories like sunglasses, necklaces, hand bands, etc. 

Also, always go for slides with this look; avoid joggers, sneakers or high heels. 

With Puff Sleeves: 

Pull sleeves are trending these days. Puff sleeves, tops and shirts are super stylish and cool. They have the power to add an instant charm even to your boring outfit. If you are looking for ways to style Puff tops, then great, it’s the right place for you. Try puff sleeve tops with biker shorts to have a perfectly balanced outfit. This outfit is ideal for hot summer days, as it’s cool and highly breathable. Also, bikers absorb sweat and prevent rashes. 

Style pull sleeves with biker shorts and rock this look at different casual events like parties, hangouts and shopping.  

Ruffled Denim jackets: 

No wardrobe is complete without a denim jacket; the best thing about this clothing item is that you can easily pair it up with every other object to create a unique look. The same goes for biker shorts; take a ruffled Denim jacket out of your closet and pair it up with a Biker short. A unique and stylish look for this summer season. 

Use different accessories to make this outfit even more attractive.


Biker short is one of the best casual outfits. These shorts can be easily styled up in many ways, and 5 of them are mentioned above. The best thing about this simple clothing item is that it’s super stylish and gives you ultimate comfort.

Now you can wear shorts, other than going to the gym and cycling. How do you prefer to style a biker short? Please share your fashion ideas and tips with us in the comment section below. 


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