How to Style Flared Jeans? 

Flared jeans are a flashback of the 70’s fashion. There is no doubt in the fact that skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple, and you feel no other jeans could ever take their place. But trust me, adding flared jeans to your denim collection won’t hurt anyone. 

These jeans come in different styles and cuts, and in my opinion, wide legs are far more comfortable than simple skinny jeans. Flared jeans are trending these days, and if you are unsure how to style them in your daily routine, don’t worry. Here, in the article below, I am going to talk about How to style flared jeans. So let’s have a look at them.

With a V-neck T-shirt: 

Probably, you would have a drawer full of T-shirts. But, of course, they are the staple clothing items that belong to every closet. If you own tons of T-shirts already, then great, it is a green signal that you can create hundreds of different looks using a single Flared jeans. You are required to take out some V-necks from your drawer and pair it up with flared jeans. 

V-neck and flared jeans are a perfect combination for summer and spring. Add high pointed heels, a hat, and sunglasses to make this outfit look trendy and stylish.

With a white Button-down shirt: 

Button-down shirts are the best lightweight and cool clothing item for every season, especially in summers. These shirts look super cool and are best for different casual and semi-formal events. This year, the idea is to pair your favorite button-down shirt with the Flared pant. It is a simple, quick, and super stylish look for women of all ages. Also, you can play around with some accessories to make this outfit extra stylish. For example, try a cool bag or good sunglasses.

Denim on Denim: 

Every fashion comes and goes, but few are never going out of style. Denim on denim is one of them. Denim is the super cool clothing item that belongs to every men’s and women’s closet. The best part is that denim is timeless; you can literally wear it anytime and at any event. Try pairing your flared denim pants with a button-down denim shirt or a jacket. A super chic look for casual gatherings. Also, try some elegant accessories to look even more attractive, for example, a bracelet, a necklace, or a chic bag. 

With a Blazer: 

Flared denim jeans and a sleek Blazer always work together. Blazers are usually meant for formal events like meetings, business presentations, and regular office days, and this clothing item has the power to add instant elegance to your outfit. When paired with flared jeans, Blazers give you a super cool look. This is best for casual days at work, parties with friends, and a dinner date with your loved ones. 

You can wear your favorite high heels or coat shoes to enhance the look. 

With long coats: 

As we all know, jeans are all-rounder. Therefore, you can quickly wear them throughout the year. In other words, it is better to say that jeans are man’s best friend when it comes to casual clothing. Just like that, you can always wear flared jeans in winter. Just take out your favorite comfortable jeans and pair them with a neutral winter coat. 

I always prefer coats in neutral colors; they look elegant and charming. The cherry on the top is that neutrals are timeless; you can always wear them without hesitation. 

A long coat with flared jeans is a quick and straightforward winter look. This is the best winter outfit that gives you style and comfort simultaneously. 

With knits: 

The best part about the winter season is “Knitwear.” These are my favorite clothing items from any wardrobe. No other clothing item can beat the class and elegance of knitwear. So this winter, pair your favorite knitted top or sweater with the flared jeans and impress people with your style sense. It is the simplest, quick, and best daily outfit for every woman. 

Add on a small winter accessory to make this look more fantastic. For example, try a beanie or long boots.


The flared jeans trend has taken over the Celebrities and the runway. It is becoming one of the most favorite and versatile clothing items from every Women’s wardrobe. The best thing is that flared jeans can be easily paired with other clothing items, and you can create hundreds of unique looks every day. So, do you own Flared jeans? If not, then it’s alright time to get one. 

How do you prefer to style Flared jeans? Please share your fashion ideas and tips in the comment section below.


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