How to Style Straight Leg jeans? 

Straight leg jeans are a new fashion trend, and it is giving a tough competition to skinny jeans. Straight pants usually have a straight cut from top to bottom; they could be baggy style, boyfriend jeans, or relaxed fit jeans. Remember that slim-fit jeans don’t fall in the category of straight leg, as they don’t have the same cut from top to bottom. In addition to that, Straight-leg jeans can be low-cut, high-rise, mid-rise, or at the waistband.

If you are a denim lover, you must have a drawer full of denim jeans; it is time to upgrade your denim collection and add some Straight leg jeans to it right away. I will discuss the best ways to style straight Leg jeans in the article below. So let’s have a look at it: 

With a Graphic T-shirt: 

Every woman owns a drawer full of t-shirts. It is because t-shirts are the most staple clothing items and they can be easily mixed and matched with all other clothing items. In addition, T-shirts are comfortable and lightweight; they are best for every season, especially in summers. Denim pants and T-shirts make a classic couple, this style has been in fashion for decades, and it is not going out of style anytime soon. So please take out your favorite Graphic T-shirt right away and pair it up with the straight-leg pants. A super casual, quick, and comfortable daily outfit. 

You can carry this style on casual occasions like friend gatherings, informal parties, dinner with your loved ones, etc. 

You can wear different shoes with straight legs and graphic Tees. Try high heels, coat shoes, or your favorite sneakers to complete the look. 

With blazers: 

The best way to sharpen your denim look is to add some tailoring to it. And when we talk about Tailoring, Blazers are the first thing that pops up in our mind. Blazers are sleek, comfortable, and elegant clothing items that are best for every year’s season. They can instantly add much elegance to your simple outfit and make you look so decent. Blazers are best for different casual and formal occasions. So this season, sharpen your straight-leg pant look with a beautifully tailored blazer. Pair them up and create a unique, stylish, and super comfortable outfit. A pair of the high heel or pointed toe heels can level up your style game. Carry a chic bag with it and impress everyone with your style statement.

Denim plus More Denim: 

Denim plus Denim has come a long way. It’s a style that is never going out of fashion. In addition to that, no other wardrobe can beat the classicism of Denim. So all you need to do is, take out your favorite denim jacket, top, or a button-down shirt and pair it with straight-leg jeans. It is a quick, easy, and super comfortable outfit for the daily routine. 

Denim on Denim works in every situation and at every event. You can always play around with accessories and shoes to make this unique even more unique and classic. 

Try a Leather Jacket: 

A Cropped leather jacket is another best choice. Cropped jackets have the power to accentuate your waist. Also, it adds extra warmth to your ensemble, especially when wearing a fitted top with straight-leg jeans. A cropped leather jacket and ripped straight-leg pants make the best couple. This outfit is best for casual gatherings and daily routine meetings. 

Add a simple white t-shirt underneath a leather jacket and a pair of pointed-toe heels for an edgy and casual look.

With statement shoes: 

Fashion doesn’t mean you have to invest in tons of things. Also, there is no need to layering too much to look attractive and stylish. Sometimes simple is best; a simple white T-shirt with straight-leg jeans is a perfect elegant look that requires no effort, not even too much money. You need to play around; adding a pair of statement shoes to a simple outfit sometime levels up your style game. In simple words, your shoes will help define how dressy you want to go.

So this season, get yourself a pair of statement shoes and style them with straight-leg jeans. 


Fashion comes and goes, and nothing is permanent in the fashion industry. But Remember, your style should be permanent. Always try to follow the trends that make you look stylish and comfortable at the same time. Take an example of straight-leg jeans; they are super stylish and highly comfortable simultaneously. The cherry on the top is that they are highly versatile, timeless, and durable. A single pair of straight-leg jeans can be used for a decade. 

Do you have straight-leg jeans? And how do you style it? Please share your fashion ideas and tips in the comment section below. 


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