About Jenni Rivera’s Biography: 

Jenni is a well-known Entertainer. She believed in making people happy with her work. Jenni Rivera was a multi-talented woman who worked in the Music Genre, talk shows, Television shows, movies, etc. She always believed in diversity. Jenni was famous for several reasons, and she had a huge fan following in different parts of the world. But she became most popular because of her show “I Love Jenni”. 

If you are a Jenni Rivera Fan and want to know much about her, then great, this is the right place for you. Below are the brief details about Jenni Rivera Biography, Lifestyle, early life, Personal life, Net worth, and career. So let’s have a look at it.  

Jenni Rivera Early Life: 

Jenni was born on 2 July 1969 in Long Beach, California, U.S. Jenni Riveria is American National, and she belongs to Mexican ethnicity. Her Zodiac sign is cancer. Jenni was born in a big and well Reputed family, Her parents, Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera were Mexican, and they were very fluent in English and French. Jenni shared her childhood with four brothers and a sister. Her brother Lupillo is also a Mexican Musician. 

Jenni Rivera had a tough Childhood as she became pregnant at 15 years. She faced a lot of struggles being a young mom. Unfortunately, there is no more information Related to Jenni’s early schooling. All we know is she got straight A’s in her high school and was a brilliant student. 

She attended Long Beach City College and got her degree in business administration. After graduation, she started working in real estate. She used to sell CDs and DVDs to raise her two children. 

Jenni Rivera’s father was a bartender and a small business. He also had a record label Cintas Acuario. 

Jenni started her music career at her father’s Studio. 

Jenni Rivera Career: 

Jenni Rivera entered the Music world in 1992 when she recorded a Father’s day song for her father. This song became so popular that Jenni signed a contract with Capitol Recording, one of the US’s most popular and biggest Music studios. 

She launched her first Music Album, Some Rivera, in 1992. Jenni became so popular among the public because of her Mexican-style music. After the first hit, she released many successful albums and songs. Some of her famous Music Albums are mentioned below: 

  • Si Quieres Verme Llorar (1999)
  • Reyna de Reynas (1999)
  • Se las Voy a Dar a Otro (2001)
  • Homenaje a Las Grandes (2003)

Other than music Jenni Rivera worked in different TV shows. She was also famous for her charity works. From 2010 to 2012, Jenni remained part of many reality shows too. Some of the most famous are Las Vegas Star, Joyas Prestadas, and La Voz Mėxico etc. Her career is full of success. 

Jenni Rivera Married Life: 

Jenni’s relationship status remained complex throughout her life. First, she got married three times but got divorced. Then, Jenni got married for the first time to her old boyfriend and father of her first child, Janney, who was born in 1885 when Jenni was just a teenager. Finally, after getting married to José Trinidad Marín, she conceived and gave birth to two more kids named Jacqueline (born 1989) and Michael (born 1991). 

After two years, Rivera ended her marriage to Marin. She said that Marin was abusive, and he used to Molest her sexually. 

In 1997, Jenni married Juan López and gave birth to two more kids, a daughter Jenica was born in 1997, and a son Juan Angel in 2001. The couple announced their divorce in 2003. In 2010 Jenni again got married to Esteban Loaiza, a retired baseball player, but she filed for divorce just after two years. Unfortunately, Jenni died in 2012, and this divorce was never finalized. 

What happened to Jenni Rivera? 

Jenni Rivera died in an airplane crash. She was traveling to Mexico. This unfortunate event happened in 2012 and made all her fans sad. 

Jenni Riveria was buried on 31 December 2012 in All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California.

Her death remained a headline of many extensive TV networks for many weeks. 

Jenni Rivera Biography

Jenni Rivera’s Net worth: 

Jenni Rivera was a very successful woman. She was popular in different parts of the world and earned a good amount of Wealth. According to Forbes, Jenni’s Net worth was around $25 million. She enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle after becoming a Celebrity. 

She owns several houses and luxurious cars too. 


Here is all you need to know about Jenni Rivera. Her life was full of ups and downs, but her career has never seen a downfall. Unfortunately, Jenni died in 2012, but she will always remain alive in our hearts. 

Do you have something even more interesting about Jenni Rivera? If yes, then feel free to share it with us too. 


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