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Jimmy Donaldson, Popularly known as Mr. Beast, is a very famous Youtuber, Philanthropist, businessman, and internet sensation. He is the most successful YouTuber, with millions of followers and subscribers. Jimmy Donaldson became famous in significantly less time, and he had a strong influence on people, especially teenagers. Mr Beast Net Worth is around $56 million. 

Mr. Beast posted videos with different stunts, and at the very young age of 23, he became a millionaire. He managed his youtube channel, and he is also very active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Here in the article below, I will talk about Mr. Beast’s net worth, monthly income, and personal life. So let’s have a look.

Mr Beast Net Worth 2022 | Biography, Career

Mr Beast Wiki/Bio/Mr Beast Net Worth
Name Jimmy Donaldson
Date of Birth May 7, 1998
Nationality American
Net Worth $56 million
Profession Youtuber and businessman
Age 23 years

Mr. Beast’s early life: 

Jimmy was born on May 7, 1998, in Kansas, United States. He is currently 23 years old, and he has American Nationality. There is not much information related to his parents. All we know is he grew older in North Carolina with his brother. He started his education in a private school in Carolina and then joined a Private college. But unfortunately, he dropped out in the first year. Mr. Beast is suffering from a disease known as Crohn’s. It is a type of inflammatory disease which causes abdominal pains, Severe Diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, and malnutrition. However, he is doing fine these days. 

After dropping out of College, Jimmy Donaldson started his career as a YouTuber. He is a stunt specialist, and he has the power to mesmerize viewers with his unique and adventurous stunts. 

Mr. Beast’s siblings and parents are still unknown; he is a very secretive person when it comes to his private life. 

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Mr. Beast Career: 

Jimmy started his youtube channel in 2012. It is said that he is the pioneer of youtube stunt Videos. Beast got popular all across America at a very young age. He has an insane fan following on his youtube channel and other social media platforms. He has 93 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel and 200 million subscribers on all social media platforms. It makes him one of the most followed YouTubers in America. 

Jimmy Donaldson is also a famous Philanthropist, and he has organized different fundraising events for trees and oceans. Jimmy also has a big heart when it comes to helping others. He is good at charities and helping his friends. 

Jimmy started working when he was just 13 years old, firstly, he used to post gaming reviews, YouTuber reviews, etc., but in 2017, he started posting heavy stunt videos that included some expensive material too. These stunt videos are the primary reason behind his success. 

Jimmy Donaldson is the most followed YouTuber in America, but he has won different awards. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Streamy Awards. 
  • 12th Annual Shorty Awards. 
  •  Kids Choice Awards.

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Mr. Beast Net Worth: 

Mr. Beast has earned a lot through his youtube channels. He is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. Currently, his net worth is around $56-$60 million. His monthly income is approximately $1 million, and he earns $10 million annually. Beasts own luxurious houses in Kansas, Georgia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York. He keeps on moving from one home to another, depending on his content needs. 

In addition to that, Beast is a car lover too. He owns several luxurious cars, including Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Ford, etc. Moreover, he loves to drive his car. 

In simple words, Mr. Beast is enjoying a super luxurious lifestyle. 

Mr Beast Media Links

Platform Profile Links
Instagram Mr Beast Instagram
Youtube Mr Beast YouTube
Twitter Mr Beast Twitter

Mr. Beast Love Life: 

Mr. Beast fell in love with Maddy Spidell, and they started dating each other in 2020. In Feb, he posted a video, “Surprising My girlfriend with 100,000 roses”. This video revealed that he has a girlfriend.


Here is all you need to know about Jimmy Donaldson, A.k.a Mr. Beasts. Did you find this article useful? Please share your reviews and comments with us in the comment section below.


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