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R  Kelly is a songwriter, singer, and Record Producer with a net worth of negative 1.3 million US Dollars. Kelly is famous across the globe;e because of his unique Music. He did some outstanding jobs in Hip hop music, and that’s a reason he has millions of fans in different parts of the world. Recently. Kelly lost all his money because of his sexual activities and legal troubles. He paid massive amounts to settle lawsuits against him filed by dozens of Females. R. Kelly is facing some huge debts from the Land IRS too. Here in the article below, I will shed some light on R kelly Net Worth, her marriage, girlfriends, and Career. So let’s have a look:

Kelly Bio Net Worth 2022 | Biography, Career

Robert Sylvester Kelly Wiki/Bio/Net Worth Robert Sylvester Kelly
Name Robert Sylvester Kelly
Born January 8.1967
Profession Singer and Songwriter
Net Worth Negative $1.3 million

R Kelly Early Life: 

Kelly was born on January 8, 1967, in Chicago. A single mother raised him as his father was absent throughout his life. Kelly has 3 more siblings, and there is not much information related to them. Kelly’s mother’s name was Joanne, and she is also a singer by Profession. 

The information related to R. Kelly’s early schooling is not available anywhere. He had a rough childhood, and many Women sexually abused him during his early life. Kelly wrote about his abuse in his Autobiography. 

Kelly entered Kenwood Academy and performed a song by Stevie Wonder. After that, he used to sing on the streets of Chicago.

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R Kelly Career: 

After Performing for years in the streets of Chicago, Kelly Joined Jive Records in 1991 and started his Music Career. He released his first debut album, “Born into the ’90s,” and this album became a massive success. Its songs gained immense popularity. “Slow Dance” and “Honey Love” are the two most popular songs from his Debut Album. 

R kelly 1993 Released his first Solo Debut, “12 Play”. He also started recording and producing songs for other pop groups too. He wrote and produced the entire Debut album for the Pop singer “Aaliyah”. 

In 1995 the singer Released a new Album named “R.Kelly”, and it broke all the Previous Records and sold 4 million copies. His solo “I believe I can fly: won three Grammy Awards, and it is one of the best songs from his Music Career. R. kelly’s Career is full of success. He wrote, sang, and produced hundreds of songs. He is known for his unique musical style, and he lives in the Hearts of millions. 

R.Kelly Released his 14 Music albums, five compilation albums, and 3 collaboration albums. He won three Grammy awards and tons of other Music awards too. He also participated in 12 Music tours around the world.

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R Kelly Personal Life: 

In 1994 Kelly secretly got married to the young pop singer Aaliyah. He, later on, announced this marriage. Kelly and Aaliyan parted their ways just two years after marriage. And in 1996, he tied the knot with the dancer Andrea Lee. The Couple share 3 beautiful kids. In 2009 Kelly got divorced from Andrea too. 

His love life is full of controversies. He was charged with having sex with just 14 years old, dozens of women accused Kelly of sexual abuse, and he paid millions of dollars in a lawsuit settlement. It is believed that R Kelly Net Worth might be above $50 million if he had never experienced any legal troubles. Also, he lost a massive amount of R Kelly’s Net Worth after divorcing Andrea Lee. 

In 2018, Kelly Released a 19-minute long song on Spotify, Where he addressed many of his allegations. In this song, he claims that he is broke and needs attention just to pay rent and debts. Also, he has been banned from touring other countries because of his legal troubles. 

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Here is all you need to know about R Kelly Net Worth and how he lost millions of dollars. 

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