Summarize how the Components of Health are Related to Wellness

Summarize how the Components of Health are Related to Wellness

You might have heard the famous Proverb, “Health is Wealth “. Health is an important blessing of God, and it’s our responsibility to take care of it. A healthy person can enjoy every aspect of life. There are seven main aspects of Health, and you should take care of them properly. All these components collectively are related to the body and mental health. In other words, it is better to say that achieving good health is more about just taking care of your body, and it involves your mental and spiritual health. 

There is no right time to start taking care of your health. Start it right away and enjoy your life to the fullest. In the article below, I will summarize how the components of Health are related to Wellness. So let’s have a look. 

What is Wellness? 

Before jumping to the components of Health that contribute to Wellness, it is essential to know what Wellness is. 

“Wellness is the process of choosing a healthy life pattern”. The body’s Wellness depends on different factors like age, diet, exercise, and mental peace. When a person gives proper attention to these things, they will achieve the best wellness goals.  

What are the Components of Health are Related to Wellness

Following are the essential components of Health. These components include: 

  • Physical
  • Social 
  • Environmental 
  • Spiritual
  • Mental.


Physical Health is how your body and its parts work. Your physical health depends upon different factors from your daily life like what you eat, sleep patterns, exercise, stress level, water intake, and many more. In addition, maintaining your body weight according to height is another important factor that affects physical health. 

To maintain your physical Health, add the following things to your daily life. 

  • Eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, and pulses. 
  • Add a 30 minutes walk to your daily schedule. 
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water. 
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol. 
  • Take 8 hours of sound sleep. 
Social Health: 

Social Health depends upon your relationships with your loved ones like family, friends, siblings, colleagues, and loved ones. An excellent social circle has a significant impact on your mind and body. Sitting with your loved ones, sharing, and laughing leaves some healthy hormones in your body that make your mental health better. 

Environmental Health: 

Environmental Health includes all the factors surrounding you that affect your mental health. It could be anything like an office environment, home environment, or a political scenario in your country. Our environment has a substantial impact on our mental health. Therefore, it’s essential to remove harmful things surrounding us and focus on positivity. Sharing your views and feelings with positive people gives you mental and emotional stability, and you start feeling better. 

Spiritual Health: 

Wellness depends not only on mental or physical health, but Spiritual Health also has a significant impact on Wellness. Every religion has a different definition, but no one can deny that religious practices give you peace and prosperity. Hence you feel active, alive, and happy. So focusing on your spiritual Health and taking some time out for religious practices contributes a lot towards your Wellness. 

Mental Health: 

Mental Health is the essential component of Wellness, and a mentally healthy person can enjoy every aspect of life. If a person has a 100% healthy body but his mental health is poor, he would not be able to enjoy life to its fullest. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on your mental health, avoid stressful situations, take proper sleep, have a good diet, surround yourself with positivity, give yourself adequate time, do yoga and other mental exercises, etc., to keep yourself mentally healthy and stable. 


Many things help improve your lifestyle; even some simple steps sometimes can bring some significant changes to your Health, like Quitting smoking, starting a walk of 30 minutes to keep yourself active, and starting eating healthy. The above information about components of Health will help you identify which aspects you lack and what you need to do for bad health conditions. Awareness is better than dying because of negligence.

How do you keep your mind and body healthy? Share your lifestyle tips with us in the comment section below. 


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