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Tamar Hodel Biography: 

Tamar Hodel is a mysterious girl with a complicated life. Though she was born to an elite class family, unfortunately, she did not enjoy the privileged life. She is the daughter of the very Famous George Hodel. There are different mysteries related to Tamar Hodel and her father’s relationship. Her father, George Hodel, entertained his guests, and she was repeatedly abused by him, got pregnant tons of times, and gave birth to a baby girl. George Hodel tortured her daughter throughout her life, he had made her life miserable. 

In The article below, I will talk about Tamar Hodel biogeography, early life, family, and Net worth. So let’s have a look at it. 

Tamar Hodel Early Life: 

On 24 March 1935, Tamar Hodel was born in San Francisco, California, United States Of America. Her father’s name is George Hodel, whereas her mom is a famous model Dorothy Anthony.

Tamar Nais Anthony Hodel lived in a Hollywood house that looked more like a temple. This house had some secret panels and rooms where no one else was allowed to go. Tamar’s childhood was no less than a nightmare, as she was first sexually assaulted by her father at 11 years. According to George, A sexual relationship between a father and a daughter is normal. He usually represents his Daughter as a sexual item in front of his relatives and friends. 

At 14, Tamar ran away from her house; she told the police that her father abused her, gave her drugs, and tried to seduce her. Police arrested George Hodel. Further, Tamar said in an interview that her father always encouraged her to have affairs with different men. She counted 19 men she had affairs with. These affairs also result in several pregnancies and illegal abortions. 

Tamar Hodel Trail: 

Tamar was kept in a juvenile court for several years, and her trial began in 1949. She was left alone during her trial, too. Her friends and relatives told police that she is a mentally sick woman and constantly makes up fake stories related to her family. A psychiatrist said during the trial that she has a mental disease named ‘hysterical nymphomaniac.’ Unfortunately, with all the paid evidence, Tamar’s case was closed in favor of her father. 

George Hodel Trail: 

In 1949, the George Hodel trial began. This trial got a lot of attention from the media, journalists, and other reporters. George Hodel was a rich man who bought many close relatives and psychiatrists. As a result, truth failed, and money won. Yes, George Hodel was set free after the trial and 

Tamar Disappearance: 

Tamar became pregnant when she was in mental custody. She ran away and gave birth to a beautiful daughter Fauna Hodel. Later on, with the help of her stepmother, she gave her daughter to a black singer Jimmy Lee. Requested her not to reveal the identity of her birth father. After that, Tamar disappeared; she tried to run away from her dark past and start a new life. 

In 1965, a reporter named Jay Singletary tracked her down. She was living in Hawaii, 

Did Tamar Ever Met Fauna? 

While living in Hawaii, Tamar met her Daughter, Found, after so many years. Fauna was told that she was adopted, but years later, she came to know that she was not adopted but was a neglected child whose mother refused to accept her. 

In 1974, at the age of 23, Fauna first called her mother in Hawaii. She asked the operator directly to give the phone to Tamar Hodel. As if she has known her by heart for the past 23 years. Later on, she traveled to Hawaii to meet her mother. 

What happened to Tamar Hodel? 

In 2015, Tamar lost her battle to life and went to a place where she could find eternal peace. No one knows the actual cause of her death. She was 80 years old when she left this world. 

Tamar Hodel Net Worth: 

Tamar Hodel’s net worth is not known. There is not much information related to her career and net worth. 

Did Tamar get married in Hawaii? 

According to some authentic reports, Tamar got married to Stanley Clarence Wilson. But there is zero information related to their marriage date, children, or anything else. 

Tamar has become a super secretive person since she left California. 

Here is all you need to know about Tamar Hodel’s Life. Her life was no less than a horror story. The relationships that were supposed to protect her childhood, abused her in the worst ways. We hope her soul is in eternal peace now. 

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