Tiff Shuttlesworth Biography

Tiff Shuttlesworths Biography: 

Tiff Shuttlesworth is An American Musician by profession. But he gained more popularity for being a founder of “The Lost Lamb Association”. 

Tiff has a huge fan following across the globe and on different social media platforms. The lost lamb association’s primary goal is “In dependence upon God, our goal is to lead one million people to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

If you have heard Tiff Shuttleworth’s name for the first time, then great, this is the right place for you. Below are some of the most authentic information Related to Tiff Shuttlesworths Biography. So let’s have a look at it. 

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Tiff Shuttlesworth Early Life: 

Tiff was born in 1960 in Istres, southern France. His exact date of birth is not known. Tiff is a very religious person, and he follows Christianity soulfully. Tiff started speaking French when he was just five years old. He gave his soul and heart to the Lord Jesus Christ at six years. He was so young when he felt like a message from God. Tiff preached his first sermon at the age of 16 years. 

There is not much information related to Tiff’s early Life, childhood, etc. after completing high school, Tiff attended Zion Bible College ( Northpoint Bible College and Graduate School), located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States. He completed his graduation in 1979. 

Tiff Shuttlesworth career: 

Tiff started his career as a music artist, and he gained a lot of popularity and a massive fan following. He is also the president and founder of “The Lost Lamb”. The central vision of this organization is to Preach the Gospel, Mobilize the Church, and Equip the Next Generation. Tiff wants to invest some time in his soul, and he wants the same for the coming generation, too, that might drift apart from Lord Jesus Christ. 

In addition to that, Tiff has been involved in full-time preaching for four decades. He preached his first sermon at the very young age of 16 years. And in 2019, he completed 40 good years of Preaching. In 1994 he was recruited into the “Billy Graham’s Notable Names in Evangelism.”

Moreover, As President and Founder of Lost Lamb Association, his primary focus has been to reach and discipline the unsaved, especially in North America and worldwide. 

In 2019 Tiff was named chairman of the Board of Trustees at Northpoint Bible College and Graduate School.

The Lost Lamb Association: 

The Lost Lamb Association is one of the most popular Organizations working in the United States. This Association has been continually involved in world missions. It works in different ways. Some of the most prominent are 

  • Overseas crusades
  • Church planting
  • Evangelism schools 
  • Youth mission trips
  • Pastors training conferences,
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Missionary support.

Not only this, but the Lost Lam association also focuses on providing food, shelter, clothing, educational equipment, and medical aid to the less fortunate. 

In simple terms, this organization is working for all the needy people across the country, and Tiff is putting all his efforts into making The Lost Lamb one of the most worthy associations in the world. 

Tiff Shuttlesworth Relationship status: 

When Tiff was studying at BibleCollege, He met the love of his life there. He and Judy got married in 1979. Tiff and his wife are happily married to date. Tiff usually posts his wife’s pictures with love captions on Instagram and Twitter. 

On 20 Sep 2021, Tiff shared a lovely picture of Judy with the caption, “I love this! Happy Birthday to the beautiful woman of God! … Happy Birthday, Judy.” 

The couple seemed in love even after 40 years of marriage. 

There are not many details available about Tiff and Judy’s children. But as soon as we get our hands on any, we will keep you guys posted. 

Tiff Shuttlesworth Net Worth

Tiff Shuttlesworths Net worth: 

Tiff Shuttlesworth spent his Life as a music artist, a preacher, and a President of The Lost Lamb. But his income and salary are not known to anyone. 

There are no details regarding Tiff Shuttlesworths Biography. 

But we assume that Tiff is enjoying a comfortable lifestyle with his wife, Judy. 

Tiff Shuttlesworth Social Media: 

Tiff is quite active on his social media accounts. He has a huge fan following on Instagram and Twitter. Tiff’s Instagram account has 9.1 followers and keeps his fans posted. On the other hand, he is very popular on Twitter too. His Twitter account has 7488 followers. 

Platform Profile Links
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Twitter Follow Tiff Shuttlesworth on Twitter

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Tiff Shuttlesworth Height and Weight: 

Tiff is a handsome man even at the age of 60 years. His height is around 5’11, and he weighs approximately 66 kg. Unfortunately, there are no more details related to his body measurements. 

Here are all the details related to Shuttlesworth’s life. Hope you will find this article helpful. Let us know about your reviews in the comment section below. 

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